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  1. Kaharian Girls Cadet College is a pioneer project to provide quality education at Intermediate level to girl students, in a most conducive and invigorating environment. Lt Gen (R) Nazar Hussain is the Chief Executive of the College.

  2. One of the best results of BISE Rawalpindi by Class XII
    Class XII 2013- Board Result : Download
  3. By the grace of Allah, our students of Class X - 2013 have produced outstanding results in Board exams.
    Main features of the result are:-
    • Cadet Muhammad Sohaib obtained 1018 marks and stood second in the Board
    •  8 boys secured 1000 or more marks
    •  94 cadets obtained 900 or more marks
    Class X 2013- Board Result : Download
  4. Our students of Class IX have produced another outstanding results in Board exams.
    Class IX 2013- Board Result : Download
  5. CCKK has set up the Riding Club and have put in seven horses in the Club. Soon, three more will be added.  Later on we hope to increase the number to 10 horses.
    Horse riding is a great sport and is popular world wide.  Before the invention of Steam Engine and Gun-powder, Horse was the principal and decisive instrument of war.  Alexander employed 30,000 horses to defeat Raja Poris, just opposite Bhera.  Arabs and later on Mongols captured better part of civilized world on horse back. Horse riding builds character as well as physical strength.  Also, riding is the best cure to solve problem of knee knocking.
  6. CCKK's satellite view can now been seen through Google Maps. Click Here to view the Map.
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- One of the best results of BISE Rawalpindi by Class XII ...

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- Outstanding Result of Class X -2013 in Rawalpindi Board ...