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Admissions Open in Class VIII(Boys) & VIII - IX(Girls)           ||         Ex-Kaharians who have passed SSC Annual Exam in 2013 are informed to collect their Original Sanad from the College during working hours(09:00am to 01:45pm).

Lt. Gen (R) Nazar Hussain,
HI(M), T Bt
Message from The Chief Executive

1. Cadet College Kallar Kahar was set up in 1997 in a rural environment.  The aim was to provide quality education to the boys and prepare them for the secondary and intermediate level exam.  The College enjoys the permanent affiliation with the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) Rawalpindi. CCKK is a residential institution organized on the lines of other leading Cadet Colleges in Pakistan. It is located on road "Chakwal - Khushab - Sargodha", about 8 KM from famous Kallar Kahar lake. This is the place that Zaheer Ud Din Muhammad Babar, the founder of Mughal Dynasty in the Sub Continent camped while on his way to invade the Sub Continent and called this place "Little Kashmir" due to its scenic beauty.
2 . Our academic performance in the Rawalpindi Board exam has been outstanding, despite many limitations that any new institution confronts in the developmental stages.
Cadet Muhammad Muneeb Khan stood Ist in the Rawalpindi Board intermediate exam 2003 in Computer Sciences (Humanities) with 886 marks.  Cadet Ansar Saqlain (a local boy secured distinction with 896 marks in the pre-engineering). Cadet Muhammad Nabeel Sabir secured 2nd position in Rawalpindi Board intermediate exam 2004 in pre-Medical, obtained 909 marks. Cadet Ahsan Mahmood stood first in Pre-Engineering in 2006 with 978 marks.  He was over-all first in the Board as well.  He also won three Gold Medals during post graduation from Military College of Signals for the Best in Academics, The President Gold Medal and the Best in the Course. Cadet Makhdoom Ali stood first in International Poetry Contest held in London in Mar / Apr 2006. Cadet Muhammad Bilal Majeed stood Ist in Pre-Medical in 2008 with 987 marks.  He was over-all second in the Board just with the difference of 01 mark.  In 2011 Cadet Muhammad Fasih stood third in Board. Cadet Muhammad Sohaib obtained 1018 marks and stood second in the Class X Board Exam in 2013. Cadet Hasaan Waseem won the Faculty of Engineering Entrance Scholarship for outstanding achievement from the University of Waterloo.  This scholarship is awarded to only one student from a total of about 8,000 boys from all over the world.  We are proud that a son of this College has achieved this distinction. More than 100 ‘Kaharians’ have joined the Armed Forces through regular commission and a large number, who preferred to attain higher education have been successful to get admission in the renowned universities of the country on merit.
3 . Our matric results have also been excellent all along. In all the board exams our cadets have shwon remarkable performance. 4 . At the CCKK we also lay great emphasis on personality development and character building. A number of extra curricular activities form integrated part of our study plan.
5 . The cadets are part of an extended family. Each cadet is given personal attention and psy-o-social needs are taken fully care of. They are provided with a most satisfying, caring and healthy environment.
6 . The College is equipped with all modern facilities including science and computer labs, cadet messes, a beautiful mosque, modern residential accommodation for 450 boys and plenty of playing fields for every cadet.

College Alumni

Alumni of this College can be found in a good number in Military Academies and Reputed Universities of Pakistan.

To become a part of this extended community, Cadets have to abide by certian Rules during their academic span in the college.

Cadets are NOT permitted to keep the following in the Hostel :-
a. Transistor, video games and electric appliances, personal computer, wireless, radio. T.V set, walkman, mobile telephone etc.
b. Unauthorized medicines/drugs.
c. Money and valuables, other than pocket money (Rupees 100 per month).
d. Weapons of any kind. 
e. Cigarettes, narcotics in any form. 
f. Matches, burners, heaters etc. 
g. Undesirable printed material. 
h. Explosive/combustible material.
i. Musical instruments.
Cadets guilty of any of the following offences are liable to be withdrawn from the College without any warning/notice :-
a. Cheating, lying, stealing, gambling and immoral conduct.
b. Willfully and deliberately damaging the College property.
c. Keeping fire-arms or knives of large size, etc.
d. Breaking bounds. 
e. Rudeness to the staff and the seniors.
f. Rude behavior of the cadet's parents towards staff.
g. Absenting from the class and any other College activities without proper reason.
h. Being habitually unpunctual, untidy and slovenly.
j. Smoking, use of narcotics in any form.
k. Consistently giving a poor performance in academics.
l Use of unfair means in tests/examinations.
m. Guilty of any act of ill discipline/misconduct.

Remarks by Various Diginitaries

1. Remarks by Air Cdre (Retd) Farooq H Kiyani, Principal Laurence College and Member BISE Rawalpindi.

It is indeed a matter of great pleasure and privilege to visit this fine institution. I am impressed. It is a very well planned, well managed institution and the credit goes to General Nazar. It is a commendable effort and the coming generations will remember him with gratitude. My best wishes will always be with him. God bless you all.

2. Remarks by Lt Gen Javed Ashraf - Federal Minister for Education.

I am indeed impressed with what has been achieved by the Chief Executive in this enviornment which looked so hostile only a few years back. This college is a wonderful gift to the people of the country.

3. Remarks by Brig Siraj Uz Zaman -Director Army Education, GHQ.

In a short span of time it has really grown to the level of the best institution of the country. It is indeed because of the selfless involvement of the Chief Executive who has made it a mission of his life. Long live Cadet College Kallar Kahar.

4. Remarks by Lt Gen Sallah Ud Din Satti, Chief of the General Staff Pakistan Army.

I feel honoured and consider myself fortunate to have visited this great institution. The Chief Executive's vision, commitment and pride is very much the character of Cadet College Kallar Kahar and its smart and energetic cadets. I am certain this College has a bright future and pray that it plays its due role in supporting our National efforts to stand tall in the comity of the nations.


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Why CCKK ?

What is so special about

1.       Cadet College Kallar Kahar is a fulfillment of a ‘dream’ of its Chief Executive (CE); and was set up as a mission.  So we work with missionary zeal.

2.       The students of the College are a ‘Trust’, an ‘Amanat’.  Led by the CE, the staff at the College considers it sacred duty to give highest priority to the needs of students.  There is no harassment or bullying.  The College is a home, away from home.

3.       At the College, there is no punishment; the environment is most caring and loving.  Each cadet has a direct access to the CE who permanently resides at the Campus.

4.       The boys are very fortunate to be in the care of the ‘Founding Father’.  He has unbounded love for the cadets and has dedicated his life for the College.

5.       The cadet mess is organized on lines of the messes at Services Academies, say PMA Kakul.  The cadet ‘mess committee’ runs the mess and prepares the menu.  Food is pure and nutritious.  You can call it organic food.

6.       The College has best of facilities including laboratories, auditorium, language lab, riding school and a beautiful swimming pool located adjacent to lake at Kallar Kahar.

7.       Plenty of playing fields and exercise area.  Our boys who join the PMA Kakul are admired for the smartness and physical prowess.

8.       College location is healthy, altitude is about 3000 feet and free of pollution.  With its central location, is easily accessible.  Kallar Kahar exit on motorway (M-2) is only at 15 minutes drive.

9.       Lastly, but most importantly, our academic results have been outstanding all along and comparable to any leading college.  The results can be seen on the web.

10.      If you decide to admit your son at CCKK, you would have made the best choice for him.

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